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About FastestLabs® Drug, Alcohol, DNA Testing Services

About Us

FastestLabs® is a drug, alcohol and DNA lab collection company that prides itself on accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. We've been providing lab testing services to employers and individuals for years, and because of our commitment to excellence, we have earned a stellar reputation for professionalism, reliability, and confidentiality. With FastestLabs®, you get accurate results, fast. That's our promise and that's what we deliver.

Our Labs

We can’t wait to see how impressed you are going to be with the quality of our labs. We have top notch employees who always keep our facilities clean and tidy and do their absolute best to keep you happy so that you will be looking forward to your next visit.

FastestLabs® technicians use the best technology, giving you an experience that is simple, safe, and effective. Nobody likes to be kept waiting, and at FastestLabs® we make it priority that your needs are seen to within the first 5 minutes of your visit.

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Our Mission Statement

FastestLabs® offers an extremely high level of customer service, where we desire to deliver rapid results for drug, DNA, and alcohol tests with a contagiously happy interaction with every single client, potential client, potential franchise owner and current franchise owner.

We always show a professional willingness to serve everyone in such a manner that they feel that they have just experienced exceptional and meaningful care.

About Fastest Labs

Our History

About Fastest Labs

The foundation of FastestLabs® is built upon an extremely high level of customer service, where we desire to deliver a contagiously happy interaction with every single client, potential client, potential franchise owner and current franchise owner. We always show a professional willingness to serve everyone in such a manner that they feel that they have just experienced exceptional and meaningful care.

After eight years of running a Texas corporation called Enhouse America Inc. with his wife LeDona, Dave Claflin, the founder and president of Enhouse, opened a new division of the company called LabWork NOW Drug Testing of San Antonio in 2008.

LabWork NOW quickly grew into a thriving drug screening clinic which rose above the competition as a result of their strong focus on fast results, affordable pricing, and superior customer service. It wasn’t long before LabWork NOW was utilized by many of San Antonio’s small businesses, large corporations and even private individuals. Customers were often found passing the competition and driving across town just to be tested by LabWork NOW; the cleanest, most reliable lab (with the friendliest lab techs) in the area.

Shortly after opening LabWork NOW, Enhouse America Inc. realized the enormous need for additional locations to accommodate the expanding list of drug, alcohol, and DNA testing clientele inside and outside of San Antonio. A federal federal trademark application was filed on the name, LabWork NOW, with the intention of growing the extremely successful business into a nationwide franchise organization.

History of Fastest Labs

In 2009, Enhouse America Inc. received news that the name LabWork NOW was not an option for registration, and a registered trademark for the descriptive logo and name of Fas-Tes® was then applied for. Approximately 7 months later, Enhouse American Inc. received news that their registered trademark and descriptive logo for Fas-Tes® was approved and the company began the process of forming the new franchise entity. On July 21, 2010 Fas-Tes®; Franchise Systems LLC., was formed and all the necessary legal paperwork to franchise the Fas-Tes® drug testing system was put into place.

Fastest Labs

FastestLabs® Brand Change

In an effort to streamline the overall message and to simplify the franchise systems’ marketing efforts, the name FastestLabs® was formed as a DBA of Fas-Tes® Franchise Systems LLC in Feb. 2013. Steps to incorporate the new name soon followed, starting with the purchase of the domain fastestlabs.com and the application to register the name as a federal trademark. With application successes, Fas-Tes® Franchise Systems LLC., is proud to have succeeded with the acceptance of the FastestLabs® registration in 2014.

In the 4 years of operation, the FastestLabs® franchise system has grown to it’s current list of lab locations, with more owners joining each year. The overall success of FastestLabs® is attributed to their founding principles and to the amazing franchise owners, who continually help raise the bar in the drug, alcohol and DNA testing industry.

The Fastest Labs Promise:

  • Cleanest Labs

    Maintain our standard of being the cleanest and most consumer friendly drug testing facility in the industry.

  • Short Wait Times. Instant Results

    We have the shortest wait times in the industry. We will serve our customers within 5 minutes of their arrival. On most tests we provide instant test results. On Lab tests we typically provide results in 24 hours (depending on type of test performed).

  • Best Customer Service

    We provide the highest level of professional customer service. Our friendly customer techs are top notch and they have the highest customer service ratings in the industry.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We provide the most affordable, competitive, and high caliber testing facility for all drug, alcohol, and DNA tests.

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Fastest Growing Lab Testing Franchise!

FastestLabs® (Fas-Tes® Franchise Systems, LLC) is one of the fastest growing 3rd party collection drug, alcohol and DNA lab test franchises in the nation. With explosive demand, the drug, alcohol, and DNA testing industry has quickly become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. 

Find out how easy it is to join FastestLabs® in owning your own business today!

Certified Drug Testing

About Fastest Labs Franchise System

At FastestLabs® (owned by Fas-Tes® Franchise System), our commitment to excellence and precision has helped us earn a reputation as an industry-leader in sampling and drug testing services. Of course, a big part of our success is owed to the hard work of our franchise partners.

We’re always looking for sharp, hardworking women and men to join us in spreading our organization to more and newer areas. Our system is proven to work, with current franchise partners already reaping the benefits of a business model founded on providing high-quality drug testing services at affordable rates.

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How Easy Can Owning Your Own Lab Be?

Franchising opportunities currently exist for partners in Texas, the Great Plains, and the American South and Southwest regions. We train our franchise partners on our proven business model and give them the resources they need to fully implement the FastestLabs® drug testing regimen. Qualified candidates will meet minimum requirements for liquid capital and will eagerly anticipate the opportunity to grow their business and the return on their investment. click here

Contact us today for more information about FastestLabs® franchising options. We’d be happy to walk you through the process and answer any and all questions you might have. Give us a call, or fill out the contact form below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.