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Fastest Labs Drug, Alcohol DOT & DNA Testing

Fastest Labs is your premier drug testing, alcohol testing, DOT and DNA testing lab in Addison. Our lab provides certified drug, alcohol, and DNA testing for both private and legal purposes. Our lab tests are always affordable for businesses, individuals, students, teens, and corporations. In addition, we have additional labs located across the country and can arrange for testing to be performed in nearly any city in the US. 

Additional testing services our Addison lab offers include steroid testing, background screening, employee testing, DOT drug and alcohol testing and so much more! For a list of all tests and screens which our lab offers click here

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Ask about our Hair Follicle Drug Test.

Why Choose Fastest Labs in Addison?

  • Certified Technicians

    Our Addison drug testing lab techs are certified professional collection agents and certified professional breath and DOT alcohol screening technicians.

  • Clean Facilities

    Our Addison lab is the cleanest and most comfortable drug testing lab.

  • Fast Service & Rapid Results in Addison

    You will be served within 5 minutes of your arrival. On most tests you will receive immediate results. On lab tests, your results will be ready in less than 24 hours. 

  • Customer Service

    Our friendly lab techs are top notch have the highest customer service ratings in the industry.

  • Affordable Pricing in Addison

    We have competitive pricing!

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Employer Solutions

Addison drug test

Need to implement your Addison business's drug testing and alcohol testing policy for your employees? Fastest Labs offers the most comprehensive coverage for drug and alcohol testing and programs that can be customized, designed and implementation for your company and employees. Call our lab today to find out how you can have a drug-free workplace by using Fastest Labs in Addison!


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