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Consortium Services

Consortium Program Management

Fastest Labs provides consortium program services for any business required to comply with state or federal random drug and alcohol testing regulations. Our certified consortium lab also provides comprehensive non-DOT testing services. Whether you have a one-person business or a company with 10 or more employees, our consortium services will easily and efficiently keep you in compliance with all regulations.

What is a Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium?

A consortium is an an association of independent businesses that use a Third Party Administrator (TPA), like Fastest Labs, for a random drug and alcohol testing program. As part of our full service employer services, we offer consortium services for DOT employers and smaller companies who still want to offer drug testing services, but require a pool of people to be added to for random name generation purposes.

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Drug Alcohol Testing for Employers

Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Need to implement your drug and alcohol testing policies for your employees? Fastest Labs offers the most comprehensive coverage for drug and alcohol testing and programs that can be customized, designed and implementation for your company and employees. Call today to find out how you can have a drug-free workplace with Fastest Labs!.

Federal DOT Drug Testing

Fastest Labs also provides complete certified DOT testing services including program design, full DOT testing requirements, and more employer solutions. Please contact an alcohol or drug screening location nearest you to find out more about our employer testing services in your area.


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DOT Consortium - Fastest Labs

DOT Consortium

Fastest Labs stays up to date on new and existing regulations to ensure your company is in complete compliance with DOT regulations. From DOT drug policy creation to random drug testing management, Fastest Labs handles all your DOT drug and alcohol testing needs.

About Our DOT Services

Certified DOT Drug Testing

Why Choose Fastest Labs For All Your Employer Solutions?

  • Certified Lab Technicians

    All Fastest Labs drug and alcohol testing lab techs are certified professional test collectors as well as certified professional breath and DOT alcohol screening technicians. Learn More

  • Improved Quality and Thoroughness Random Name Selection

    Our random name generation software eliminates bias and provides accurate random selections. Learn More

  • Fastest Service & Rapid Test Results

    At our lab, you will be served within 5 min of your arrival. On most tests, you get immediate results. On lab tests, your results will be ready in less than 24 hours. Learn More

  • Full Service Management of Employee Drug Screening Program

    Our friendly drug test customer techs are top notch and they have the highest customer service ratings in the industry. Learn More

  • Affordable Pricing

    Our employer solutions company will strive to meet or beat any of our competitors' pricing! Learn More

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Employment Testing

Random Drug Test

For smaller businesses, it’s difficult to run a successful random drug testing program with only a few employees, so the solution is to join a consortium. Fastest Labs will combine your employees names with the names of several other companies, so as to create a successful random name generation program.

Why Join A Consortium At Our Lab?


Additional Alcohol and Drug Tests From Our Lab!

In addition to our consortium services, our lab provides a long list of testing options. Each method drug testing comes with it's own benefits including varying degrees of detection times and accuracy. Some of our lab's most popular testing methods include the following:


Fastest Growing Lab Testing Franchise!

The Fas-Tes® franchise (owner of FastestLabs.com) is one of the fastest growing 3rd party collection drug, alcohol and DNA lab test franchises in the nation. With explosive demand, the drug, alcohol, and DNA testing industry has quickly become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. 

Find out how easy it is to join Fas-tes® in owning your own business today!

Certified Drug Testing