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DOT Policy Creation Services 

Create a comprehensive, compliant, and effective DOT drug testing program with expert consulting from our team of DOT policy consultants.

The DOT experts at Fastest Labs are uniquely qualified and equipped to help any employer design the perfect DOT policies for their specific DOT testing needs and concerns. A proper DOT testing program from our office must take many things into account, including federal DOT and state laws, industry-specific regulations, issues of employer liability, specific personnel and physical workplace concerns, and much more. Understandably, that’s a lot to take on, and a great deal of skill and experience is required to balance those issues properly in a successful employer DOT testing program. Fastest Labs has that skill and experience necessary.

Our DOT testing policy experts can assist you in every step of the DOT policy creation and implementation process. First, we’ll assess your specific needs, considering your personnel, location, and industry concerns. Once we have settled on the objectives of your DOT testing program, we’ll create the DOT policies, documents, and procedures to follow to achieve those DOT drug testing objectives. Contact our office for assistance in creating a fully compliant, legally defensible, and effective employee DOT testing policy.



Certified DOT Drug Testing Policies

Federal DOT Compliance Services

A special area of Fastest Labs drug testing expertise is in complying with federal Department of Transportation regulations for drug & alcohol testing for safety-sensitive transportation industry employees. The DOT drug & alcohol testing rules are complex and exacting, with significant penalties for those companies that do not comply. With so much at stake, any transportation should consult with an expert in drug & alcohol testing and in DOT compliance. Our team knows the rules inside and out and we’ve helped dozens of companies comply with DOT drugs & alcohol testing regulations. If you need a DOT-compliant drug testing policy, consult with our office today!


Employee DOT Drug Testing Policy

DOT Policy Creation

Components of our Employee DOT Drug Testing Policy Services:

  • Employee communication and training materials
  • On-site drug testing and/or lab testing services
  • Pre-employment screening Regular, random, or for-cause drug testing
  • HR procedures for drug testing situations
  • Industry-specific practices (including federal DOT compliance)
  • And much more...

From communicating your DOT drug testing policy to your employees, to gathering samples professionally, to analyzing and assessing the results, Fastest Labs will help you create a truly comprehensive plan. Each necessary step will be included, with the most efficient plans for implementation. When you’re done consulting with Fastest Labs for your employee DOT testing policies, you’ll have a detailed plan, customized to your specific needs, outlining the processes and procedures to follow to work toward a drug-free workplace.

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Our DOT Compliance Services for Employers

Create DOT Testing Policy

At Fastest Labs we help employers conduct tests required by FMCSA to comply with DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations. Fastest Labs provides convenient mobile and on-site drug testing services, which makes the process fast and easy. In addition, our certified DOT drug and alcohol testing lab provides comprehensive DOT compliance services including:

At Fastest Labs, we can tend to all of your DOT compliance needs. All our DOT testing services are developed with company wellness initiatives and DOT requirements in place. We work hard to make sure that all of privileged information is secure throughout the entire analysis and testing process. Contact us today to for all your DOT drug testing compliance services.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

DOT Drug Test Solutions

To ensure proper chain of custody and compliance with the DOT testing rules and regulations, DOT test collection labs, such as our lab, must be trained to operate the EBT and be proficient in the breath testing procedures. Fastest Labs is a certified drug and alcohol collections facility and is fully DOT compliant. Our lab provides all the services required to fulfill the DOT drug testing rules including:


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