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DOT Protocol Training 

Fastest Labs provides industry-leading DOT Protocol Training

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires both drug and alcohol testing for employees who hold safety-sensitive positions with any one of the six agencies it manages. DOT protocol for drug and alcohol testing is strict, and Fastest Labs is one of the top DOT drug and alcohol testers in the United States.



Certified DOT Drug Testing

DOT Drug & Alcohol Protocol Testing

When searching for a drug test center, it's important to ask what procedures they follow when the drug test begins. Not adhering to the strict testing guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation may likely result in your DOT drug test being thrown out or rejected by your employer.

Fully Certified DOT Protocol Training Services

Fastest Labs is a certified drug and alcohol collections facility and is fully DOT compliant. Call us today for any questions DOT drug and alcohol protocol testing.


The Complications of DOT Testing Protocol

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One of the main concerns for the federal government when performing drug and alcohol testing is protocol. The strict protocol set in place is to ensure that no one cheats. When choosing a testing service to take your DOT drug or alcohol test, your tester must be familiar with current policies and procedures for testing potential and current employees of the agency.

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Types of Required Drug & Alcohol Tests for Employers

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Employers who must comply with DOT drug testing procedures test for five different types of drugs: Amphetamines, marijuana, opiates, cocaine and phencyclidine. Fastest Labs is a certified lab with the National Laboratory Certification Program, and adheres to strict record keeping, collection, transportation, reporting and storage protocols.

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DOT Protocol Testing: How It's Done, Why It's Important

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Because the Department of Transportation is a government agency, they have strict guidelines as to how each drug and alcohol test is administered.

  • Collection Requirements - Urine collectors must meet specific education standards prior to employment. Direct supervisors of the urine sample collector cannot be collectors themselves unless the other party is not there.
  • Where DOT Drug Testing Can Take Place - Security is a top concern for employers who are looking for honest results. The preferred drug & alcohol testing location should include a room with one toilet and a privacy door. All sources of water must be secure once testing has commenced.
  • Where the Collector Stands - The collector must stand in the same room as the person taking the test.
  • Prevent Toilet and Water Access - Once you've taken care of the water, you can be sure that the sample won't be altered.

Beyond this list, the DOT has an entire legal section dedicated to DOT drug testing standards. From transporting to reporting and testing, every small detail is covered. Once the test is complete, certified medical professionals transfer the urine to the lab where it is tested. It passes through hands like evidence and everyone must sign for it.



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Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

DOT Drug Test Solutions

To ensure proper chain of custody and compliance with the DOT testing rules and regulations, DOT test collection labs, such as our lab, must be trained to operate the EBT and be proficient in the breath testing procedures. Fastest Labs is a certified drug and alcohol collections facility and is fully DOT compliant. Our lab provides all the services required to fulfill the DOT drug testing rules including:


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