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“If you do something that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This principle is being lived out every day by Fas-Tes® drug test franchisees!

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Drug & Alcohol Industry

By fulfilling the growing need for FASTER and more RELIABLE testing options currently lacking in the industry, the Fastest Labs drug test business model continues to see rapid growth in both the private as well as the business sector.

For Drug and Alcohol testing particularly, the exploding need for our line of services can be attributed to the following facts:

For Business

With an estimated 74% of labor market employees admitting to being users of illicit drugs as well as regular on the job alcohol consumers, US businesses have reported $81 billion in overall annual losses due to drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

The trend to implement effective drug and alcohol testing programs is catching on in record numbers as businesses come to recognize that they cannot afford to NOT implement regular drug and alcohol testing. For instance, it is estimated that a company with 50 employees who implements a drug and alcohol testing program saves an average of $52,000 a year overall as a result of decreased workplace accidents, employee mistakes, absenteeism, employee turnover, lower insurance rates, and a decrease in workers' compensation claims.

For Individuals

In the social sector, the need for Certified private, drug and alcohol testing is booming as courts, custody lawyers and welfare systems increasingly target criminals, parolees, and parents with pending welfare, custody, divorce and judicial cases and who have alcohol and other drug addiction and dependency problems. This year, 2,734 US Drug Courts will serve over 136,000 people (requiring some form of on-going drug and/or alcohol testing).

In almost every social, judicial, welfare, custody, divorce and court case:

Other reasons individual testing is growing in popularity include:

With both the home consumer and business to business markets; the rising need for affordable and fast drug testing has created a solid opportunity for Fastest Labs drug test franchise owners. In many situations (with both business and consumer clients) long term programs are required which facilitates an environment for Fastest Labs drug test franchise owners to service recurring clientelle with higher margins. 

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Alcohol Drug Test Franchise

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Drug Testing Franchise Review

"Prior to opening my location, I was an employee at the home office for Fastest Labs drug test franchise. I was already trained and certified in all of our service offerings and now operate a rapidly growing drug test franchise of my own."

Monica Mendez
Franchisee Since 2012
San Antonio, TX

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