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San Antonio Alcohol Testing Services

Fastest Labs of San Antonio has earned a reputation as a leading provider of fast and accurate alcohol testing services in San Antonio. Whether you’re an employer piecing together a drugs and alcohol testing program for your San Antonio business or a parent or individual looking for personal or family alcohol testing in San Antonio, Fastest Labs of San Antonio and its expert staff can help you through every step of the alcohol testing process. Our San Antonio lab always does everything we can to make that process safe, comfortable, and convenient for you. That’s the Fastest Labs of San Antonio promise.

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Certified Alcohol Testing in San Antonio

Our Certified Alcohol Screening Services in San Antonio

Our alcohol testing locations in San Antonio are certified collection labs, who can provide alcohol testing by way of a breath alcohol test, also known as a breathalyzer, saliva alcohol screening, EtG hair alcohol tests and more. We offer the most comprehensive alcohol screening services with paramount speed, accuracy, and professionalism, just like we do all of our drug and testing services

We provide alcohol screening services for both individuals as well as employers. Please contact an alcohol screening location in San Antonio nearest you to find out more about our alcohol testing services.


San Antonio Breathalyzer Alcohol Test

San Antonio Breathalyzer Test

Why a Breathalyzer Test From Our San Antonio Lab?

One of the most efficient and easy ways to test for blood alcohol content (BAC) is by doing a breath alcohol test or more commonly known; a Breathalyzer. Alcohol breath testing is the most common method of alcohol testing used by employers and government entities.

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San Antonio EtG Hair Alcohol Test

EtG Hair Alcohol Test San Antonio

Why a EtG Hair Test From Our San Antonio Lab?

EtG Hair alcohol tests are the most effective way of determining alcohol use over a long period of time. EtG (Ethyl Glucuronide) is a biomarker that is found in hair only when alcohol has been absorbed into the bloodstream. The EtG hair alcohol test is commonly used for pre-employment screening, courts monitoring parolees, and Child Protective Services. 

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Benefits of Alcohol Testing From Our San Antonio Lab:

  • Accurate San Antonio Alcohol Test Results

    Always-accurate alcohol test results from our San Antonio lab. Learn More

  • Alcohol DOT Compliant Testing in San Antonio

    Our San Antonio Lab offers specialized DOT-compliant alcohol testing. Learn More

  • Alcohol Test Policy Creation in San Antonio

    Expertise in employer drug and alcohol testing programs in San Antonio. Learn More

  • Our San Antonio Alcohol Testing Staff

    Discreet and professional alcohol testing staff. Learn More

  • Affordable San Antonio Alcohol Test Pricing

    Our San Antonio lab will strive to meet or beat any alcohol testing competitors pricing! Learn More

  • Our San Antonio Alcohol Test Labs

    Clean and comfortable alcohol testing lab facilities in San Antonio. Learn More

  • Legal and Private Alcohol Tests in San Antonio

    Court-admissible alcohol testing with legal efficacy in San Antonio. Learn More

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San Antonio Employer Solutions

Employee Alcohol Test Solutions San Antonio

Thinking about implementing an alcohol and drug testing policy for your San Antonio business? Fastest Labs of San Antonio offers the most comprehensive coverage for alcohol and drug testing and workplace programs that can be customized, designed and implementation for your San Antonio company and employees. Call our San Antonio lab today to find out how you can have a alcohol and drug-free workplace with Fastest Labs of San Antonio!


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The Fas-Tes® franchise (owner of FastestLabs.com) is one of the fastest growing 3rd party collection drug, alcohol and DNA lab test franchises in the nation. With explosive demand, the drug, alcohol, and DNA testing industry has quickly become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. 

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Certified Drug Testing

Approved Collection Sites For:

Please check with the lab nearest you as our San Antonio locations each have their own set of affiliations

eScreen Collection Site San AntonioDISA Collection Site San AntonioQuest Collection Site San AntonioLabcorp Collection Site San AntonioExpertox Collection Site San AntonioClinical Reference Laboratory San AntonioOmega Collection Lab San AntonioAlere Collection Lab San AntonioMedtox Collection Lab San AntonioDISA Collection SIte San AntonioPsychemedics Corporation San Antonio