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EtG Hair Alcohol Testing

EtG Hair Alcohol Testing from Fastest Labs

An EtG hair alcohol test uses a person’s hair to detect any alcohol use over the last few months, but how does it work? When you drink alcohol, your body absorbs it and sets to work metabolizing it, or breaking it down into any useful parts. The byproducts of metabolism are called metabolites and different substances produce different types of metabolites. EtG is a metabolite that is formed when alcohol is metabolized, and it can be found in trace amounts in the hair of someone who has recently used alcohol. An EtG test examines a person’s hair for this metabolite. If it is present, the person has used alcohol within the last three months or so.

Our drug and alcohol testing experts at Fastest Labs conduct hair alcohol testing, as well as other types of alcohol and drug testing services, with speed, accuracy, and professionalism. When you arrive at our hair alcohol testing facility, we'll take hair samples, and immediately begin following our EtG hair alcohol testing protocols, which meet or exceed all best practices and industry standards. That means with hair alcohol testing from Fastest Labs, you know you'll be getting the most accurate, legally admissible, certified hair alcohol testing results on the market.


Alcohol Hair Test


Certified Alcohol Testing

Our Certified Alcohol Screening Services

Our alcohol testing locations are certified collection labs, who can provide alcohol testing by way of a breath alcohol test, also known as a breathalyzer, saliva alcohol screening, EtG hair alcohol tests and more. We offer the most comprehensive alcohol screening services with paramount speed, accuracy, and professionalism, just like we do all of our drug and testing services

We provide alcohol screening services for both individuals as well as employers. Please contact a alcohol screening location nearest you to find out more about our alcohol testing services in your local area.


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Why Choose an EtG Hair Alcohol Test?


Additional Alcohol Tests

Along with our industry-leading alcohol hair analysis services, we offer a full array of drug, alcohol, and DNA testing services. Each method of alcohol testing comes with its own unique benefits, as well as varying degrees of detection times and accuracy. Some of our most popular testing methods include the following:


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Certified Alcohol Testing

Benefits of Hair Alcohol Testing at Fastest Labs®:

  • Accurate Hair Test Results

    We always offer certified hair alcohol testing results. Learn More

  • Alcohol Policy Creation

    Employer alcohol and drug testing policy design and implementation. Learn More

  • Our Hair Alcohol Testing Staff

    Confidentiality and reliability from our EtG hair testing staff. Learn More

  • Affordable Alcohol Hair Test Pricing

    Our hair alcohol testing locations will strive to meet or beat our competitors' prices! Learn More

  • Our EtG Hair Alcohol Testing Labs

    Clean and comfortable hair alcohol testing facilities. Learn More


The Best Hair Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Hair Testing Services

EtG hair alcohol testing is a secure, fast way to obtain a record of months of alcohol use. Because it provides an accurate picture of long-term use, it is frequently used for pre-employment screening, parole-mandated screenings, and child custody cases. Contact Fastest Labs today for more information about our alcohol testing methods, including EtG hair alcohol testing. With Fastest Labs, our tests are always done quickly, accurately, and affordably. That’s the Fastest Labs way.

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