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Saliva Alcohol Testing

Saliva Alcohol Testing From Fastest Labs

A saliva alcohol test detects indicators of recent alcohol consumption in a person’s saliva. It’s an accurate, fast, and non-intrusive way to detect alcohol in a person’s system.

How Does Saliva Alcohol Testing Work?

When someone drinks alcohol, it is absorbed through his or her stomach and intestinal linings and enters the bloodstream. There, it is carried throughout the body, interacting with and influencing body systems and organs as it goes. The effects of the alcohol as it moves throughout the body include the symptoms we typically associate with intoxication. As such, when someone has consumed alcohol recently, chemical indicators of that alcohol use can be found throughout the drinker’s body and body fluids.

Those indicators are present for different amounts of time in different tissues and fluids of the body. Indicators of alcohol use will typically persist in a person’s saliva for up to 12-24 hours after drinking. That means that analyzing someone’s saliva for those indicators will determine whether that person has consumed alcohol sometime in the 24 hours prior to testing. After that time, the alcohol has been sufficiently metabolized to no longer show up in the person’s saliva. This makes alcohol testing from our lab a viable option for those looking for an easy way to test for very recent alcohol consumption.


Saliva Alcohol Tests


Certified Alcohol Testing

Our Certified Alcohol Screening Services

Our alcohol testing locations are certified collection labs, who can provide alcohol testing by way of a breath alcohol test, also known as a breathalyzer, saliva alcohol screening, EtG hair alcohol tests and more. We offer the most comprehensive alcohol screening services with paramount speed, accuracy, and professionalism, just like we do all of our drug and testing services

We provide alcohol screening services for both individuals as well as employers. Please contact a alcohol screening location nearest you to find out more about our alcohol testing services in your local area.


Why Our Saliva Alcohol Testing is The Right Option?


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Additional Alcohol Tests

Along with our industry-leading saliva alcohol testing services, we offer a full array of drug, DOT, employer and DNA testing services. Each method of alcohol testing comes with its own unique benefits, as well as varying degrees of detection times and accuracy. Some of our most popular testing methods and services include the following:


Benefits of Saliva Testing At Fastest Labs:

  • Accurate Saliva Test Results

    We offer certified and accurate saliva alcohol testing results. Learn More

  • Alcohol Policy Creation

    Employer saliva alcohol testing policy implementation. Learn More

  • Our Saliva Alcohol Testing Staff

    Confidentiality, reliability, and professionalism by our saliva alcohol testing staff. Learn More

  • Affordable Saliva Alcohol Test Pricing

    Our saliva alcohol testing locations will strive to meet or beat any competitors pricing! Learn More

  • Our Saliva Alcohol Testing Labs

    Clean and comfortable saliva alcohol testing facilities. Learn More


The Best Saliva Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Saliva Testing

A saliva alcohol test is a fast and non-intrusive way to determine recent alcohol use. While it doesn’t reveal anything about any alcohol use more than a day prior to the testing, it does a great job assessing recent alcohol consumption. For employers or parents wishing to do “for-cause” testing based on suspicion of use, or for quick, post-accident testing in which current alcohol levels must be quickly assessed, saliva alcohol testing is one of the best options available. At Fastest Labs, we conduct saliva alcohol tests by following strict guidelines and best-practices to ensure accuracy and reliability of results. On top of that, we provide your results quickly and affordably, making Fastest Labs your best option for alcohol testing services.

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