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Reliable & Affordable DNA Banking Services

We offer fast, reliable DNA banking services at our clean, comfortable DNA testing facilities.

At Fastest Labs, we provide a wide variety of drug, alcohol, and DNA testing services to a loyal base of clients all over the country. Our expert DNA testing technicians are trained to follow all industry standards and best practices, ensuring that our clients always get the fastest, most accurate DNA services available. Our DNA banking services are reliable and convenient, and as with all of our DNA testing services, we will strive to meet or beat any of our competitors' pricing. Contact Fastest Labs today for fast, reliable, and affordable DNA banking.

What Is DNA Banking?

DNA banking is the preservation of genetic material for future use. A variety of reasons exist for banking DNA, but one of the most common is to preserve the DNA in hopes that future breakthroughs in analysis might provide value in the future that currently can’t be provided. Many choose to bank their genetic material to document a potential genetic illness or to assist future generations in understanding their own health situations and genetic risks. No matter the reason, Fastest Labs can take care of your DNA banking needs professionally and affordably.

Even if you consider yourself generally healthy, DNA banking can prove invaluable to yourself in the future or to your children and grandchildren. There are certain genetic conditions that behave in certain ways from generation to generation and across sexes. Banking and preserving your DNA might be the only way for your descendants to truly understand their genetic risks. Protect your family by banking some of your genetic blueprint today.


DNA Testing & Banking


Legal Paternity Testing

Our Legal Paternity and DNA Testing Services

DNA test results usually carry important news. That's why we take care to make sure our results are the fastest and most reliable results you can obtain anywhere. We handle all of our testing samples with the utmost confidentiality and discretion, so you can know that important information about you isn't compromised. No matter your reason for doing the testing, you can know that your DNA test results will be accurate and will get to you fast and discreetly.

We provide legal and non-legal DNA and paternity testing services for both individuals as well as employers. Please contact a DNA test lab nearest you to find out more about our testing services in your local area.


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Speed and Reliability: The Fastest Labs Way


Why Bank DNA with Fastest Labs?

Quick, Non-Invasive Sample Acquisition

Fast DNA Testing

We'll have you in and out in minutes!

To collect your DNA for banking, our professional and expert lab techs use a non-invasive and easy collection method called buccal swabbing. They just swab the inside of your cheek a few times with cotton swabs. This gathers skin cells on the swabs, which contain your DNA. Once enough DNA has been gathered for storage, we'll bank it for future testing and other uses. It really couldn't be easier.

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Convenient and Fast Process

Same Day DNA Services

Same-day services at your convenience!

DNA banking may seem like a complicated or drastic step, but quite the contrary. With Fastest Labs, DNA banking is fast and simple. Come and visit us in our clean, comfortable DNA testing facilities, and we’ll walk you through the entire process. You’ll be amazed at how easily and how affordably you can preserve your DNA to help protect your family’s health for generations to come.

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What Is the Process for DNA Banking?

At Fastest Labs, we always follow the strictest standards and industry best practices for sample collection, protection, and confidentiality. Our DNA banking services are no different. We have streamlined and optimized our process to make sure your DNA banking experience is as efficient and reliable as possible.

  1. Our expert lab techs will obtain DNA from the present sample provider.
  2. Upon request, we can test the DNA obtained now or in the future.
  3. We store your DNA for any and all potential future needs.

With Fastest Labs, you can always count on us to protect your banked DNA from contamination. We'll also isolate your sample and connect it solely with your identity. Your DNA will be there reliably whenever you need it. In addition, we always maintain strict confidentiality with our clients' identities and DNA test results. That's the Fastest Labs promise.

For more information on DNA banking from Fastest Labs, contact us today. We have skilled staff members standing by to answer any and all questions you may have about DNA banking and our processes.


Additional DNA Services

Aside from our industry-leading DNA banking services, we offer a full array of DNA testing services. No matter your reason for obtaining a DNA test, we will make every effort to get you confidential, accurate results as fast as possible. Some of our most popular DNA testing methodologies and varieties include the following:


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The Fas-Tes® franchise (owner of FastestLabs.com) is one of the fastest growing 3rd party collection drug, alcohol and DNA lab test franchises in the nation. With explosive demand, the drug, alcohol, and DNA testing industry has quickly become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. 

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Certified DNA Testing

Benefits of DNA Banking at Fastest Labs®:

  • Accurate DNA Test Results

    If you choose to test your DNA, your results will be accurate.Learn More

  • Affordable DNA Banking Pricing

    Our DNA banking services are affordable and we will strive to meet or beat competitors' pricing.Learn More

  • State-of-the-Art DNA Lab Banking Facilities

    Our DNA banking lab facilities are always clean and comfortable.Learn More

  • Sample Isolation & Identity Protection

    We always protect our clients' samples and identities.Learn More


Safeguarding Your Genetic Blueprint Is Just a Phone Call Away

Banking DNA

Contact Fastest Labs today for more information about our wide array of DNA testing services, including DNA banking. Our professional DNA testing staff is trained to handle your DNA banking needs with professionalism and courtesy. At Fastest Labs, we dedicate ourselves to protecting your banked genetic material and your personal information. Our services are always professional, skilled, and confidential, every time. Call today!