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5, 10 and 12 Panel Testing

Panel Drug Testing For Individuals & Employers

Fastest Labs is your place for fast, accurate, and affordable private and employer panel drug testing. Panel drug testing at our lab is fast, accurate, and easy. Get our rapid 5, 10 or 12 panel drug test - you're in and out in 15 minutes!

What Is The Purpose Of Panel Drug Testing?

Putting drugs into different “Panels” is just another way that our certified drug testing lab can classify and categorize common drugs. Using FasTest panel drug testing you can take a test that is designed specifically for your needs both big and small. Additionally, we make it easy for you to receive a thorough test that covers all possibilities.

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Certified Drug Testing

Our Certified Drug Screening Services

Our drug testing locations are certified collection labs, who can provide drug testing by way of urine, hair, saliva, fingernail, sweat / skin, DOT, environmental, and steroids. Our drug test panels also have a broad range to screen against the most basic drugs up to screening for a full array of drugs.

We provide drug screening services for both individuals as well as employers. Please contact a drug screening location nearest you to find out more about our drug screening services in your local area.


Current Drug Panel Promotions

We do Breath Alcohol
Learn about Breath Alcohol Test.
Hair Test
Ask about our Hair Follicle Drug Test.

Instant Drug Test Panels From Our Lab Detect the Following Substances

The 5 Panel Drug Test Screens For:

The 5 most popular drugs

The 10 Panel Drug Test Screens For:

Drugs included in the 5 panel +

The 12 Panel (Extended Opiates) From Screens For:

Drugs included in the 10 panel +

Additional Testable Drugs Include:


Why Choose Drug Testing Panels From Our Certified Lab?

Rapid Drug Test Panels For Fast Results

Test Panels Fastest Labs

In and out in less than 15 minutes!!!

Our rapid drug test panel is a cost-effective method that provides preliminary drug test results. Our walk-in rapid drug tests and on-site drug testing panels can provide immediate negative drug test results. We recommend that non-negative drug test results undergo further lab-based testing. Results will be confirmed by GC/MS ISTA certified testing laboratory and reviewed by a certified medical review officer or a licensed physician.

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Laboratory Based Drug Test Panels

Lab-Based Drug Testing Panels

Results Reported Within 24-72 Hours

Rapid drug screens are highly reactive and, in some cases, can provide false positives for substances like ibuprofen, poppy seeds, over the counter medications and prescription medications. Fastest Labs uses the gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) laboratory based testing method to confirm presumptive positive drug screen specimens. Lab-based drug test results will be reviewed by a certified medical review officer or a licensed physician.

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Types of Drug Testing Methods?

Fastest Labs offers rapid, laboratory based and customized drug testing panels with varying testing methods. Our drug test panels can be done using any one of the following tests:

  1. Urine Drug Test
  2. Hair Drug Test
  3. Fingernail Drug Test
  4. Saliva Drug Test
  5. Skin/Sweat Patch Drug Test

At Fastest Labs, we are dedicated to making your drug testing experience as comfortable as possible. Our lab also guarantees that all drug testing panels will be completely confidential. Our drug test professionals are expertly trained and equipped to handle the entire drug testing process with the greatest care. Our mobile drug testing lab is also on-call to provide on-site drug testing panels in some cases with complete lab precision.

For more information about our drug testing methods and procedures, contact us today. Our skilled drug test technicians are ready to answer all of your panel drug testing questions!


Additional Drug Tests From Our Certified Lab!

In addition to our same day / instant drug tests panels, Fastest Labs provides a long list of testing options. Each method of drug testing comes with it's own benefits including varying degrees of detection times and accuracy. Some of our most popular testing methods (alongside our urine drug tests) include the following:


Benefits of Drug Testing Panels From Fastest Labs:

  • Accurate Drug Test Results

    Our lab offers certified and accurate drug testing panel results. Learn More

  • DOT Drug Test Compliance For Employers

    DOT-compliant drug testing panels are available. Learn More

  • Drug Policy Creation

    Employer drug testing policy implementation. Learn More

  • Our Certified Drug Testing Staff

    Confidentiality, reliability, and professionalism by our panel drug testing staff. Learn More

  • Affordable Drug Test Panel Pricing

    Our urine drug testing lab will strive to meet or beat any competitors pricing! Learn More

  • Top Drug Testing Lab

    Clean and comfortable drug testing facilities. Learn More

  • Legal and Private Drug and Alcohol Tests

    Court-admissible and private alcohol and drug testing results. Learn More

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Employer Drug Testing Solutions

Testing Panels for Drugs

Thinking about implementing a drug and alcohol testing policy for your business? Fastest Labs offers the most comprehensive coverage for drug and alcohol testing (including urine drug testing) and workplace programs that can be customized, designed and implementation for your company and employees. Call our facility today to find out how you can have a drug-free workplace with Fastest Labs!

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Fastest Growing Lab Testing Franchise!

The Fas-Tes® franchise (owner of FastestLabs.com) is one of the fastest growing 3rd party collection drug, alcohol and DNA lab test franchises in the nation. With explosive demand, the drug, alcohol, and DNA testing industry has quickly become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. 

Find out how easy it is to join Fas-tes® in owning your own business today!

Certified Drug Testing